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Add additional font options for Warnings
We find that the Warnings Pop Up is essential for our business. It would be super helpful if we had the ability to change font size, colo...
  • Joanna, 3 months ago

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Google Mail integration ????
Hello, I am wondering if you have fixed the problem of calendar integration with the gmail calendar? I use an icalendar on my iphone (whi...
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Preferred Contact Number
It would be great if there could be an option to set a default which allows all clients to have their mobile numbers set to preferred num...
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Recall on cancellation
Would it be possible to have a recall option on the cancellation tab below "email cancellation notification..." tick option? It would be ...
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Casual Appointments (Pre-Defined)
We use Casual Appointments quite regularly for lots of reasons but the main reason is to indicate an available time slot for our practiti...
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