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Recall Alert
Would it be possible to add a little triangle to a Client in the appointment book (as happens for birthdays and reminders) to show when a...
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Letter templates
Hi. I'm new to Frontdesk & have only just had training on clinical notes. I haven't had a chance to contact support & ask about writing l...
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when I set the rules for each practitioner I would like each interval to be 15 minutes but each appointment will be 4x15 minutes.  how do...
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DOB Search
Would it be possible to add DOB in the patient search section? We often start a patient file via a telephone call & typo's can lead to do...
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Search using a patient's parents' names
I have sometimes wanted to search for a patient (baby or child) but only have the name of a parent to go on. This happened today when s...
  • Joyaa Antares, 4 years ago

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