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Un-archiving a practitioner
I need to un-archive a practitioner to find some information that was written in their columns. I have un-archived the practitioner but I...
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Making the most of SMS in Front Desk
Front Desk includes several SMS features that go beyond simple, one-way appointment reminders. To follow is a brief overview to help you ...
  • Steven, 3 years ago

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Tracking new patients
Is there a way to track the rescheduling of new patients? We would like to have a report on how many new patients a partitioner has seen ...
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MailChimp Integration
About MailChimp Mailchimp is an online email marketing solution that allows you to send marketing emails and targeted campaigns to you ...
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Timed delivery emails
Was wondering if there was function or the possibility of added a timer for emails. Eg. to send reminder emails or emails that arrive 24 ...
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