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Billings Screen Freeze
When the billing screen is active on a patient record, it freezes everything else, so that you cannot access appointments at the same tim...
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Create 'Tax Invoice' for pre-payment
We would love a way of creating an 'Invoice' not a quotation when either 3rd party billers or individuals want to prepay for services or ...
  • Teresa O'Donnell, 5 years ago

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icalendar not syncing refreshing
We've successfully added front desk to outlook using iCalendar, what is not happening is a 'refresh or sync' from all the MS forums this ...
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My Ideas List
These are some of the ideas I have had to improve the program, I note that I like some of the recent improvements that have been made in ...
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Appointments tab
In the Patient - Appointments tab, when you uncheck the Future Appointments Only box, all appointments are shown, starting from the first...
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