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Recall on cancellation
Would it be possible to have a recall option on the cancellation tab below "email cancellation notification..." tick option? It would be ...
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Front Desk - Pre-Release Upgrades (2 August 2019)
We are pleased to announce the following Pre-release upgrades for the Front Desk suite of products. Pre-release versions have gone throug...
  • Timothy, 4 months ago

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waiting list search
I would like to suggest a search or maybe an indicator on the client's profile so that we can easily see whether a person has already bee...
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Generating Reports
Needing to work out  - LTV (Total revenue / Total number of new consults (including WC/TAC/same patient representing with new problem). H...
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Patient Booking Gateway pre-release 6.4.1
Front Desk Patient Booking Gateway pre-release version 6.4.1 is now available to download from the Support section of the Smartsoft websi...
  • Timothy, 5 months ago

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Xero integration beta testing
Smartsoft is pleased to announce that we have now completed the Xero integration and are in the final stages of internal testing and do...
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