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HELP!  I find Billing / Statements a bit confusing.  Below is an example of our problem:

Jane Smith comes in for a massage which cost $50.  This is paid for by Acme Company, so we "Bill" and mail to them.  Jane has a 3 appointments and the bill is mailed each time.

At the end of the month Acme Company haven't paid for any of these visits, so we want to send them a reminder.  If we print a statement, the heading comes up with "Statement (Tax Invoice)" and issues a number.  Nowhere on the statement are the numbers from any of the original "Account / Receipt (Tax Invoice)".

Acme Company send us payment and pay for the 3 visits (3 x $50) visits, plus they also pay another amount of $150.  We find that Acme Company did this as they received 4 "Tax Invoices", each with a unique 'Tax Invoice Number". 

The above example has created such a problem with WorkCover patients, that we no longer issue statements and are forced to reprint every individual "Account / Receipt" at the end of the month.

As you can imagine, this is very time consuming. :(

Am I doing something wrong?
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Official Response

Thank you for all the feedback.  After some consideration we believe we can improve the confusion that can occur with different invoice numbers on receipts, accounts, account/receipts, invoices and statements, and that the same item can appear on different documents and document regenerations.

We have scheduled a tidy up of this area at the same time we will be working on batch emailing of invoices and statements, due this year.

In the meanwhile, if you like us to review what you are currently doing and offer suggestions, which may minimise third party billing issues, please open a support case .