Email Practioner when patient books via Gateway?

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Hi Team, I was wondering if it's possible to add an "Email Practitioner" option in the Gateway Configuration window under Email tab. Currently we have all outbound emails BCC'd to our domain email account, which typically allows the practice owners to check appointments as they're booked. We do have occasions where a patient books overnight, and we miss the email sent to our admin account, meaning the patient may turn up and the physio may not know they had an early patient (for example).

If we had an "BCC Email to Practitioner for outbound booking confirmations" this would add another layer of security so we don't miss these valuable appointments.

Anyone second this idea? Or have similar issues?
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Posted 3 years ago

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We have our practitioners set up to be able to check their diary online/on their phone.

They can check their bookings at any time of the day or night to make sure they know what's happening
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As do we Rachel, both through the web appt book and through Teamviewer to a practioner Portal computer, but in this particular scenario the practitioner may have checked their appointment list at 9pm, see that they have a 10am start, and then a patient books online for an 8am appt when they wake up in pain at 2am. We don't think the practitioner should have to check late at night and early in the morning just in case they have an appointment.

If the Gateway config allowed for a BCC to practitioner, this would help catch this and prevent a situation where a patient turns up but the therapist didn't know they'd booked in.
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You should check with helpdesk.  I am sure there is a place for practitioners to get emails or notifications on changes to the diary.  Just be aware that it is every change to the diary via the patient gateway.  So every cancellation and change they will be notified.  The practitioner may not want that.      In our clinic we have approx. 100 or so changes per day.  That can seriously fill up your email account.

What we do is the night before when our staff sms practitioners their start time the next day.  They block out any space early morning (unto about 10am) before staff get in at 8.30am - for this reason.  This allows us to check the diary in the morning - contact the practitioner advising of new start time and allowing them time to travel in as some of our practitioners live an hour away.  Not all of them are local.  

We also need to be aware of any afternoon start time for practitioners that gateway bookings drop into the start of their shifts (earlier than start time that was advised).

This is our double check.  Our practitioners can also check themselves through the web appointment book.

We had clients booking in really early (6am and 7am apts) and the practitioner was unaware of the appointment made therefore didn't come in early.

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Hi all. We believe that this is a good idea for a future enhancement. Obviously, from the comments above, this will be optional as some practices using the Gateway are receiving over 800 online bookings per month. This would be like your reception staff calling you every time a new appointment is booked :)
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Maybe implement rules/triggers if a booking is at a certain time of day then they are emailed, ie the first couple of hours of their shift. Obviously still optional.