Front Desk - Pre-Release Upgrades (10 May 2019)

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We are pleased to announce the following Pre-release upgrades for the Front Desk suite of products. Pre-release versions have gone through our full internal testing and quality assurance but limited or no external real-world live testing. Pre-release builds are made available for users wanting the most up-to-date features.

To download software upgrades, visit or click the link below:

Front Desk® - Practice Management System v18.3.3

The Xero integration is currently only available to users who have registered as part of our Xero beta testing program. Please contact Smartsoft if you would like to participate in the testing process.

Xero Integration – ‘Daily Summary’ mode now syncs cheque, direct deposit, and Medicare/DVA payments as individual invoices for improved bank reconciliation in Xero. Payments made via HICAPS, Tyro, or ANZ HealthPay integration will be grouped by health fund (for non-consolidated funds). Payments from consolidated health funds are synced as a single amount. When using "Single Contact" mode, we have also added a "Do not sync patient names" option, which will sync client ID instead of the patient’s name to meet privacy requirements.

When searching for a patient by surname, anything typed after the comma will now search both the patient's first name and their preferred name. Previously, it was only possible to search for the patient's first name in this way.

A full list of changes and improvements in v18.3.3 can be found here.

Front Desk® – Patient Booking Gateway v6.4.0

This version includes the ability to restrict the Patient Booking Gateway to only offer appointments at particular start times. We’ve also added the option to reduce the number of required contact details when booking as a guest. These features can be configured in Front Desk > Patient Booking Gateway Configuration. We have also fixed a few bugs.

A full list of changes and improvements in v6.4.0 can be found here.

Front Desk® – Web Appointment Book & Insights Dashboard v7.1.2

This version includes minor bug fixes for the Web Appointment Book.

Previous changes in v7.1.0 included the introduction of two new widget types to the Insights Dashboard:
  • The Appointment Book Utilisation widgets allow you to view what percentage of each practitioner’s working time is utilised.
  • The Patient Visit Average widgets display the average number of times new patients are consulted for each practitioner.
Other improvements include the option to view billed amounts less reductions on billing widgets, improved loading times, optimisations for large databases, relocated graph legends with the option to turn them off and improved presentation of value type widgets.

Front Desk Insights Dashboard is an advanced reporting tool that allows you to monitor the health of your business using customisable widgets such as graphs, tables and KPIs. This application is available to Front Desk users at no cost and provides live business intelligence information, offering flexible feedback on day-to-day business operations. The Insights Dashboard user guide can be found here.

A full list of changes and improvements in v7.1.2 can be found here.
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Timothy, Business Care Manager

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Posted 9 months ago

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Justin Wray

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Hi Tim, 
With the PVA widget, how does it measure these figures?
When a patient has its initial appt they are assigned to that particular physio when the data is filled in (new patient window) What happens for example when patient has to see another therapist (so they are in another physio's column)? Does the statistic go to the original physio or to the treating physio which would throw out the stats? Hope you can follow this question.
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Timothy, Business Care Manager

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Hi Justin. The Patient Visit Average widget can display the average of the number of consults a patient has been billed for with an individual practitioner or with the clinic as a whole, depending on your preference. By selecting the option shown below, you have the option of only counting subsequent consults with the practitioner that provided the initial consult. Alternatively, if you do not enable this option, the widget will count subsequent consults with any practitioner.
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Mark Heard

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Hi Tim, at the bottom is a further box asking for a "Target" - which should that be?
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Timothy, Business Care Manager

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Hi Mark. When using value widgets, the target is simply the KPI target you wish to reach. e.g. If you wish to book 20 new patients per week, set the target to 20.