invoice printing by hicaps code rather than FD code

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We have various Front Desk item codes to identify services which use the same Hicaps code but different Front Desk item codes
eg group sessions for Pilates and group sessions for gym sessions - see attached image please

To make it easy for reception to select the correct item code at the time of booking or billing, we are trying to group the same services together (eg physio, exercise physiology, Return to Work/CTP) using alphabetical prefaces on the FD item codes however, we find that the letters in the front desk codes confuse some health insurers (and sometimes clients claiming online needing to enter the information themselves). Additionally third party insurers such as Return to work need specific codes and we are not able to group those items together for quick identification using this method.

The front desk item codes (eg 560GR or 560PLS on the image below) are the ones printed in the invoices we provide clients (which they use if they are claiming manually).

Is it possible to print using the HICAPS code (560 on the image below) rather than the item code please so we can create "groups" of front desk item codes which put the services together but the health insurers or third party insurers claiming requirements will also be easily met when printing invoices for claiming?

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Posted 3 years ago

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I agree with Rachel.
Also, our "item code" screen doesn't show the Hicaps and Medicare/DVA code boxes - presumably because we don't link FD to Hicaps etc or do any online claiming etc? But even though we don't link to Hicaps etc, when patients turn up without their Medicare or health fund cards, they still need a receipt, and we would still like to be able to print the Hicaps code on to their receipts for their convenience.  
(Hope that makes sense?)  
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Absolutely agree with Rachel & we've had patients having similar issues with receipts & claiming with their Health Fund. So the suggestion of having the HICAPS code on the receipt is a great one. However, the HICAPS code field only appears on the PCs you have linked to HICAPS Connect. It would be good to have this field on all PCs connected to Front Desk as we often email receipts from one of the PCs that are not connected to HICAPS Connect.
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We have the same issue with massage. This would help immensely to be able to do it like this.
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You would also have to be careful with the wording in the description as well as some funds are particular about wording also and including the item code in there as well.  Sharon
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Is it possible that it prints Item Code and Hicaps code on the Invoicing?  - would that help.  Sharon
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Hi everyone

The HICAPS code is a code designed to be recognised by the HICAPS terminal and often is not a recognised item code for over the counter (or post/online) claiming with health funds.

The item code, together with the description should be recognisable to the health funds for claiming. Adding a hyphen and one or two characters at the end of the item code if required should still make the code recognisable.

A suggestion for the grouping of item codes is to use the Schedule functionality in Front Desk. You could have a schedule for consults, gym/classes and products for example.

Another way to speed up item code selection would be to print out bar codes of your most common item codes on a sheet, laminate it and have it available at the front desk. You can then use a bar code scanner to quickly select the required item code and add it to the patient's bill. For more information on bar code scanning in Front Desk, see the below link:

I'm happy to post a further article if people would like to learn more about printing your own item code bar code sheet, made with fonts in a word processor.