Item Code Descriptions - Pop up window is too small and cuts off item code description

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Would it be possible to make the pop up window for item descriptions wider so we can see the full description?


The window is too narrow and cuts off half the item code description.  E.g.  The following is an item code description.
Elbow orthosis - Hinged Elbow Orthosis - Innovator X - Right - customised
When we are in a client file and add this item code to their bill we can only see the following amount of the same description:
Elbow orthosis - Hinged Elbow Orthosis - In
We cannot therefore see the full description to know if we are choosing a Right or Left.

There are ways around it i.e. Put the Right or Left towards the beginning of the description but we have this problem with multiple descriptions.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Luke

The problem is making it wider still may not be big enough for long descriptions and that it may cover up other important information on the screen.

We are happy to have a think about this. Your suggestion of having important identifying information at the beginning of the description is probably a good idea. Another suggestion, if you are selling lots of products and the short description would not be commonly known is to take advantage of our bar code scanning functionality. For further information, please see a link below to an article we have produced regarding bar code scanner integration in Front Desk:

I've taken the liberty to change this post to an idea rather than a problem :).
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Thanks Steven

Firstly, I think that this community forum is fantastic and the fact that you guys respond to our questions in a timely manner is really great.

I understand what you are saying but I would still consider this to be a problem (for our practice anyway) and I would like to know if anyone else has this issue. 

I have the following comments in relation to your feedback:

A lot of our item descriptions are for custom made devices so there is no option to use a barcode.  How would this work for custom made items like a custom made hinged elbow orthosis.

In addition, a lot of our clients attend an initial consult and then we discuss their needs.  They then pay a 50% deposit and we then modify or fabricate the orthosis (even off the shelf orthoses).  Therefore for us to use a bar code system we would have to walk down to the store room and select the item then come back to the consult room, scan it, then put it back until we modify it at the next consult.

I would like to know why the item description box is so much narrower when you are searching for an item whilst applying the item to a client file bill in comparison to when you search for an item in the item description drop down box.  The widths are different.  I am assuming that it has to do with as you said - So it does not cover other important information but if you actually do a test with a client file you will see that there is plenty of room to the left of the box so it does not cover the $ value.  There is a void of open space and it would not cover anything at all.  I have a screen dump of what I am talking about I could email to you if you like.

We have tried to brainstorm ways of having important information at the start of the description but the problem is we need to start the description in certain ways for private health insurance purposes because they go by the description and not the item number.  We are not like physiotherapists whereby there may only be 4 codes applicable for health insurance companies.  WE supply approx 100 or more orthoses and they refer to the description only. 

We are soon to review our item list/codes/descriptions so any assistance in the coming week would be greatly appreciated.

In summary, I know our clinic may be unique but I still wonder how many other clinics find the display for the description too narrow and only allows for 43 characters.

Kind Regards