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We often attach items to a client’s file which need to be actioned by the treating psychologist i.e., letters and forms for completion.  Is there anywhere when the document is stored in attachments that we can note the document is for action i.e,  (can the text be a different colour) and then changed to black when it has been actioned or can a column be added between the Date and Description column called (For Action) and this column be ticked or an asterix placed in it for action which can then be removed when the document has been actioned.

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Posted 4 years ago

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this is a great idea.  We often have reports, subpeonas for files etc,... 
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We would like to second that! Would be a VERY beneficial function, as most often Clinicians have to work with several programs for task management.

A 'to-do' tab would also work great in our circumstance, where Clinicians can record and tick off tasks that need completion against each Client. Along with this, it would be handy to have a report that will run off against a Task?


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A 'To Do' tab with some type of reminder system (highlighted tab or pop up for unactioned items maybe) would be great. This could include documents that needed actioning, maybe from a tick on the attachment tab, and other to do type items like letters, phone calls, following up referrals and approvals, etc. If this had an optional date/time reminder it would help a lot, say for letters that had to be written by a certain date or phone calls at a certain time. It would be great if this could come to the attention of the psychologist/admin on the date/time selected, whether they were in the client's file or not, and be printable as a report.

I'm probably asking a lot there, but if we don't ask, we don't get, right?

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Agree Anna, all of the above would save us using a separate program like wunderlist. I'd like it to also report to the reception that a letter is written, they can print it off and send it as sometimes staff are writing them while off-site.