Patient tab switching between first and last tab

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Can you add the ability to click and drag to view the tabs instead of pressing the little horizontal arrows at the end of row of tabs.

I know you can switch the order of the tabs but there are still times when I use some lesser used tabs such as events to check if I have sent off a sms.

Click and drag would be much more efficient than clicking the small arrows. 
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Michael Chen

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Posted 5 years ago

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Tony Taddeo, Managing Director

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Hi Michael, thank you for your post.  This is something we can consider.  We will monitor how many replies and 'likes' this gets to gage the general interest by other users.

Note that we are continually working on our products and what goes in and want doesn't comes down to how this ranks in relation to other priorities.

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Mark Banks

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We find that we use contacts for recording the details of the parents of our children patients however the tab is way across and it would be better if the more commonly used tabs were more accessible.  eg we have more children under care than Medicare/ DVA patients.  once the appropriate info is entered on the 'additional' tab, we never go back there unless it changes.  We always have to access child patient's parents phone numbers and names. Every time we call.  there is no prompt on the 'General' tab for parents/guardian's names of which there can be 2 or 3. Contacts is much more commonly used.  Can we change the order? of the TABs?
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Timothy, Business Care Manager

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Hi Mark. It is possible to change the order of the tabs so that you can keep a select group of those tabs most commonly used in view without having to scroll.

To do this, on a patient file simply right-click on the tabs and you'll see 'Edit Patient Tab Order'

You can then use the arrows to arrange the tabs in the order you want to view them:

I hope this helps to answer your question.
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Mark Banks

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thanks Tim it will be a great help
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Mark Caldwell

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How about making the window wider so that we can see them all at once?
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Andrew, Community Manager

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Hi Mark

Thanks for posting.  It's an interesting thought.

We sometimes toy with the idea of making different windows bigger or smaller, particularly as monitors get larger and screen resolutions greater.  That said, not all of our users are on the latest and greatest, so it's a balancing act, and people often have different workflows to consider. For example, some users may prefer a small patient file window so they can easily push it aside to see the appointment book behind it.

As Tony mentioned earlier this is all about gauging interest, so I am honestly curious to know what people think when suggestions like these come up.  Would everyone like a wider patient file window?

To anyone reading, please be sure to give suggestions like these a 'Like' if you think it's a good idea!  As you've seen from Mark's post you can also branch out each suggestion to come up with other solutions.
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What about being able to adjust the size of the window ourselves?
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Rachel Bruce

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Definitely being able to adjust the size yourself for me. Sometimes I like it bigger and sometimes smaller.
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Joyaa Antares

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I was about to post a new thread about making the patient file "expandable" but see we already have this here. What are Smartsoft's thoughts currently? Do you think this may go ahead?
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Gary Simpson

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This change of tab order in the patient data seems specific by workstation as opposed to being a global setting. Is this true? And if so, can we do a global "all users, all workstations" change?
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Steven, Business Care

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Hi Gary

In general, the way settings are saved is based on the most common use of these options by our users. In this case, an admin staff member will have different priorities to a practitioner and this allows you to have a different option for a practitioner or admin staff member.

Unfortunately, this cannot be easily changed.

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Joyaa Antares

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Hi Gary - yes, this is specific to the computer (or possibly to the user, I forget which); it isn't a global "all users" change, and my guess is that practices running FD on more than one computer wouldn't want this .... for example, the computer associated with your Hicaps/Eftpos machine would likely bump the "transactions" tab further "to the left" than some of your other computers.
Best, Joyaa