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I realise that you have just done an upgrade but in the future could you consider having a 'privacy' setting for indiviudal practitioners in the Web Gateway set up. I have practitioners that need to see if there is a room available for them to use in the centre but I do not want them to be able to see patient names when they have a look online. Thanks Michelle, Tobruk Centre for Children's Development
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Michelle de la Perrelle

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Posted 5 years ago

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Steven, Business Care

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Hi Michelle, no problem whatsoever making a suggestion so soon after we release an update as we are continually making improvements to our software. :)

It appears that you are looking for functionality which is a little different to the privacy function in the Front Desk appointment book, where patient names are obscured to avoid wandering eyes in the reception area. 

So that I can get a greater understanding of your idea, how have you set up your columns in the appointment book, is it by practitioner or rooms? Also how do you see this working? Do you see patient details being hidden in the appointment book and to a certain extent when searching for patient data?
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I would also like to see this function available - Currently we have our book set up with practitioner columns. On the web appointment book I would only like those practitioners to be able to see that this time has been booked and not who the booking is. It would be good if this could be an option within the practitioners profile.

The reason behind this would be so that each of the practitioners would be able to see their starting time (as these are flexible) and not be able to access patient details off site.
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Timothy, Business Care Manager

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Hi Scott 

If you're running the standard version of the Web Appointment Book you can only view patients names and not any other contact details. 

I'm not sure that viewing the list of the patient names, who the practitioner will eventually see during the day, is a security risk. WebPlus does allow you to view phone numbers, address details etc. and I understand why you may want to restrict access to this. If you are running WebPlus, we would recommend that you setup the practitioner to have read-only access to the Web Appointment Book to prevent access to the additional contact details. Alternatively, you can restrict access to the Web Appointment Book completely and just allow setup of iCal integration on practitioners' phones. This will only display patient names in their personal calendars on their phones or tablets.

Again, we believe the patient names are generally common knowledge to the practitioner and so there is not a lot to gain by restricting this access. Other patient contact details are another matter. 
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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply on this. We are currently running the standard version of Web Appointment Book. I can understand that the names of the clients may be common knowledge to the practitioners. Should it be intergrated into their ical or there phones or personal devices in some way with the ability to view those names off site - it will then allow others to access this infomation should they be out with friends or if their device is stolen.

The other issue that has come up with this and the reason that I am suggesting that a privacy function be available is, that we have recently had a staff member leave the practice, and in the lead up to this was able to access ALL the names of each of the practitioners clients and market to them through social media. This obviously proves a security risk and is further justification as to why I feel there should be a privacy function to make sure this information is not overly accessable to them from home to make this a possibility

Maybe it could be something to be considered as an addition
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Timothy, Business Care Manager

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Hi Scott. Thank you for the clarification. We are happy to continue monitoring the interest in this. 

In the meantime, I would ensure that practitioners can only see their own appointments in the Web Appointment Book. If you need some help setting this up, please open a support case at
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I agree that making the web appointment book available to see if there is time free only, but not see the patient names would be beneficial. 

Yes, practtioners generally do have knowledge of their patient names, but this seems to be just handing them a list. 

I was looking into using this function, for a similar reason that Michelle has mentioned, but will not use it unless the 'privacy' function can be set as a default. 

Any ideas if this will be added to a future update?
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Andrew, Community Manager

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Hi Ashlee

At this stage we are only monitoring interest, and a decision hasn't been made on whether this functionality will be added to the software.
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I am very interested in this feature as well.

I have practitioners who are interested in integrating Front Desk into their mobile devices but I do not want the names of the patients listed on their devices as they could be viewing their schedules in public. This is not ideal for our practice and I do understand that patient names' are common knowledge but I would have say if this was viewed in public and someone sees the patient's name by accident, this could potentially cause a lot of problem for our practice.

Do let me know if you require further information and I will be happy to assist you.
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You can certainly add me to the list of people that are 'interested' in this functionality.

It really does make sense to have this, and would be a smart move to allow practices to reduce their vulnerability to privacy infringements.

If for nothing else, it would help protect us from Privacy Act (1988) breaches.
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As mentioned in a separate post, my practice would benefit from a similar feature whereby only clients of the particular practitioner/user who has logged in can be seen by that particular user, rather than giving each practitioner access to our entire database of clients (which breaches our confidentiality policies)