Searching the patient files appears inconsistent .. or has this been done on purpose?

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This isn't a tongue-in-cheek question.  

Please give this a go and see if this is the same on your version of FD.  (I am using 18.3.3)

1. Open FD
Click on red patient icon

2. Search by email
Select an email and open that patient's file
Then simply close that file.

3. Once again, click on the red patient icon.  Do you see that your search box has taken you straight to 'email' so that you can search by email once again?

Now try this ....
1. Click on red patient icon

2. Search by email (just as before)
Select an email and open that patient's file
Instead of closing patient file, 

3. Go to the General tab and click on 'search' there to conduct your next search.

Do you find that instead of searching by email the search box has reset to search by surname?

Is this deliberate or an oversight?  Personally, I like both approaches as each has its uses.  For example, I am currently sifting through some 350 bounced emails from a mail-out and having the search box reset to surname each time is molto tedioso - as the Italians would say - a very tedious business!

What I'd like to see is both options, and the ability to select the option you need at the time you need it (e.g., by selecting your choice in System information > options).

Do you see the same as me in version 18.3.3?  What about other versions?  I don't recall this choice before.

Thanks, Joyaa

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Posted 8 months ago

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