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1. Simple lists, eg. provider numbers, etc - should be able to open up and print one practitioner list and see all provider numbers and locations..not have to open separate ones to see each number. Currently our therapists have several provider numbers because they work over multiple locations. 

2. Productivity report for a therapist across all locations they work at

3. Changing all transactions from one billing tab to another (eg. private patient to new workers comp company) - have to do each billed item line one by one atm. Need to be able to highlight all and change at once

4. A report on referrals from each medical centre as a summary, not listing individual referrers - currently have to export to Excel and manually work out

5. Archiving patient cards that have not been acted on for 2 years, but maintaining the doctors files

6. A report on how many Workers Comp vs Private vs DVA etc certain Drs or Medical Centres have referred.

7. A report showing referrals and revenue by referrer type e.g. orthopaedic surgeon, plastic surgeon, rheumatologist, physio, GP etc

8. Automatically show ONLY the Practitioners who are available (based on rules) rather than having to manually turn columns on/off as the schedule changes

9. Setting up new schedule when the roster changes by adding a multitude of 'rules' to open/close 3-5 columns over 8 clinics with a changing 4-week roster and some half days is a nightmare and takes us hours to do and more hours to double check - not sure how to streamline that but any ideas would be appreciated

10. Banking list - able to choose just cash rather than print whole list with direct debits, eftpos etc on it

11. More simplified way to update all prices by % - currently have to calculate each item, go into item on FD and manually type in separate prices for private and WC, etc. Again, this takes hours.

12. Automatic upload of public holidays from somewhere would be good

13. Emailing multiple invoices..have to do them one by one or save each as a PDF and attach in Outlook

14. Receipts not clear - billed / paid on separate lines confuses patients, especially when one item is paid but another isn't

15. A way to track when marketing events happen and how they impact referrals e.g. Dr lunches, newsletters, presentations etc. We want to be able to put in the date, type of marketing that was done, which referrers attended the meeting, who from our organisation did the visit or touch point and what the outcome was

16. Pop-ups on the referrer card file - particularly the doctor so that we know how they want reports and communication or any preferences e.g. thumb in/out for scaphoids etc. We also want to be able to pull that up as a report. 

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Posted 5 years ago

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Thank you for this extensive list of ideas.  

It would be better if you post your ideas individually as we are trying to gage community interest.  The more people "Me Too" (like or vote for your idea) the higher the ranking by the community as to what is a good enhancement idea.

Further, I understand this is a new medium to express ourselves and you may have a few things saved up :), but perhaps list your important requirements first and space them out over a little time so that they can gain some traction and develop interest.  

Please don't get me wrong, we appreciate feedback in any form, just trying to make it work better for you.
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Thanks, I didn't want to take over the thread though so thought better to contain it. I get your point though. Will re-post one every week maybe.
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Love your ideas Hand Works (really).  
Agree with Josie (really).  :)

Altho' I may have to rewrite this if you post these separately, my vote is for:
11 (per supplier),
12 (but how to attend to state-specific holidays - the Ecca, Gold Coast Show Day etc?),

Re. 9 - I didn't follow.
Re. 15 - you *might* be able to achieve this through tracking categories, OR events, OR sales processes.   .... I'm going to post a new thread about Sales processes now ..
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No 13. Emailing multiple invoices - should be easier