Stocktaking and Stocktake Reports

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Hi guys,

This is a 2 fold suggestion.

We have a persistent issue of stock counts being out.  We're pretty sure it's a miscounting/mistyping issues but we have no real way of checking, as once the "Stocktake" has been done in the stock window it kind of wipes us being able to trace what's happened.

What would be useful, is being able to print a Stocktake Report, so that when stock is counted at the end of each month, we can see what stock we have, what adjustments (+ or -) were made, and by who.

Secondly, when we do a stocktake, the procedure is really long and it's very easy to make mistakes.  There are so many mouse clicks and it's easy for a product to get missed or mis-clicked by accident.

For example, we organise our stock by Schedule, and each Schedule is a different brand. 

1. So we select a schedule
2. Double-click on an item
3. Click Stock control
4. Update the quantity if necessary (which BTW I don't like how it suggests how much it should be as this can also cause mistakes)
5. Click the "Now" button to update the time
6. Click "Item Details" tab
7. Click OK to accept the changes
8. Click "Search" button to go back to the list of items in the schedule
9. Then we have to scroll down to the next product, which can sometimes be way down a list.

And start all over again!

- Stocktake report as suggested
- Some kind of stocktake window to quickly go through and update amounts with a date and time?
- Remove the suggestion of what the stock amount should be (or have an option to remove this at least)

Thanks Smartsoft.  I know I keep posting heaps of stuff (some useful, some not) but it's really reassuring to know you're listening to us end-users.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Joyaa Antares

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I'll share this with our stock-taker to see if she can add anything. With over 400 items (I believe) in stock, her last few days have been long and hard, and she voiced last night how much she wants a better system.
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Jean Munday

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I totally agree Meaghan the stock section is very clunky and time consuming.  If the stock take report could have a section on the report to write down current count per item this would be very handy also as you could use this report to update the system and keep on file..  Maybe a screen for the input of stock take to enable you to input the item code then current count?? this would definitely  be quicker.
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Josie Tropeano, Product Manager

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Hi Guys

The stock control functionality was added some time ago and was designed to handle a small number of stock items as used in the typical allied health practice.  A few knee and elbow supports, some pillows etc. Let’s call it stock control lite, not designed to manage 100’s of items.

I think we can make a few improvements as suggested to make it work better when trying to manage a larger number of items. Thank you for your feedback.

kind regards


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Joyaa Antares

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Thanks Josie. Please can I ask for the following to be included in this revision?

1. The current stock order report details all stock (per supplier) that has gone below a certain level. Would it be possible - in fact, this may be easy - to create a variation of this stock report that lists all stock items that pertain to a specified supplier - so that we know which items to remove from one supplier and associate with a different supplier?
2. The ability to merge suppliers would be useful
3. Ability to update stock levels GLOBALLY following a stock take? (See
4. Changes to Stock Adjustment and Stock Arrival Screens (See

I am in discussion with our nutritional "department" and will add to this thread if I have something significant to add.

Cheers, Joyaa
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I completely agree with this suggestion!
In the current version of FD, there is no form of stock loss report, nor does there seem to be any form of Stock Take Report listing for items.
At present we need to print a Stock Level Report, check our stock, then return to FD and input the Stock Take data, which is extremely time consuming. As our practice has a scanner, it would be desirable to run stock take with the scanner and generate some form of report which indicates items which have not been counted to ensure no stock oversight, and expediate the process significantly. I can see this is under consideration. Is it on the FD upgrade agenda to add in this capability, that many of us desire?