Would a facility to generate your own simple reports on FrontDesk be useful? A "report generator"

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Hello Community!

From time to time we have wanted a simple report generator on FrontDesk.  A facility to generate our own reports without needing to trouble the SS programmers to write a special report (and without incurring the cost that this may bring).

Is this something that you might find useful?

I have been looking at the genealogical software that I use which, like FD, is based on a MySQL database.  I will try to add a couple of screenshots here to give you an idea how it works.

In the first shot, you will see that you give the report a name and description, and then select the fields that you want to display.

NB: The screenshots may have been uploaded in the wrong order (sorry about that!)

At the end of the first shot and start of the second, you choose criteria (e.g. in FD, you might choose something like Occupation contains child; or GP address contains Chatswood, etc).  And then you go on to sort how you want the information to appear.

What do you think?  Useful or not?  

Cheers, J.
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Posted 9 months ago

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This would be very useful - There are so many times where I go 'I wish I could see a list of xyz' but there isn't a way to manipulate the available reports to provide the list within FrontDesk.

I would create reports showing
- resource use,
- a list of clients who attended a certain type of appointment, who it was with and when the appt was/is,
- replicate some existing reports to show file no instead of client id
- replicate the billings report to pick up appointments where no charges were made (about 1/3 of all our appts are $0 but we currently can't report on them)
- a retrospective appointment book report that shows details of successful appointments not just lists those as a number of processed appts
- casual appt titles and times

and that's just those I can think of immediately.

All reports having an export function would be important, the pdf version only on some Frontdesk reports is frustrating.

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Hi Guys

Thank you for your post.

The example provided by Joyaa is querying a simple flat data file. Think of a single excel spreadsheet table, with filtering and sorting on this table. That’s easy. Practice management data, however, is held in hundreds of linked tables and this simplistic reporting mode does not work. We have provided technically savvy users read-only access to the Front Desk database in the past so they can connect using external report writers and most have not been able to extract meaningful data other than simple lists that are already available in the reports such as the patient list.

Heidi, many of the reports dialogs also have an export function. See image below.

There are several reporting options available to Front Desk users:

- Built-in reports, most with an export function that you can further manipulate external to Front Desk.

- Front Desk Insights – our amazing included at no additional cost reporting dashboard. Far more
advanced than the reporting tool described here. You really should be using this if you are interested in reporting.

- Make a reporting suggestion on this community forum, and we can monitor interest. We need specific reporting details for this to be meaningful. What you are trying to monitor and why? Suggested report operation and layout?

- We can provide read-only access to your Front Desk database for clients with access to advanced technical skills to report against a relational database.

- Custom report services by Smartsoft for proprietary reports/API’s charged on a time and materials basis.

I hope this helps you better understand our position on this matter.


Joyaa, Front Desk uses the commercial MS SQL database and not the shareware MYSQL database.

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Thanks Tony - this explains SS's position nicely.