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Photo of Amber Quirk
Did not attend
Hi there. I would like to suggest a way to mark a patient as Did Not Attend, especially in a group booking to make the group change colou...
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Photo of Mark Heard
Net Promoter Score
Has anyone used the "Net Promoter Score" in seeking feedback from patients post consultation? If so, what process have you used? We use G...
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Photo of Paul
waiting list search
I would like to suggest a search or maybe an indicator on the client's profile so that we can easily see whether a person has already bee...
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Photo of Rebecca
Recall on cancellation
Would it be possible to have a recall option on the cancellation tab below "email cancellation notification..." tick option? It would be ...
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Photo of sarangahughes
Generating Reports
Needing to work out  - LTV (Total revenue / Total number of new consults (including WC/TAC/same patient representing with new problem). H...
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Photo of Andrew
End of Financial Year (2018-2019)
With June 30 approaching, it may be necessary for you to know the total of amounts owed to you as of the end of this financial year. We h...
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